We invest in your problems
to transform them in innovative startups


We invest in your innovation strategy

Corporates know their market better than anyone, and are the best at identifying the problems that they - or their customers - are facing

Startups are fast, efficient and find the most innovative ways to solve problems

Barefoot is making the hinge between these two worlds: we partner with Corporates by transforming their Problems into innovative Solutions, thanks to the creation of a Start-up, leading to profitable businesses for both Barefoot and the Corporate


Lightning Speed innovation

Speed-up the building of your Minimum Viable Product outside of your regular product lines

Cost Savings

A corporate incubator is expensive, with our model, your Innovation Department can concentrate on the essence of their job: strategy, trend watching and ideation

Increased chances of success

Even if their motivation is sky-high, most of Intrapreneurs lack the on-field experience and tend to stay in the comfort zone of their company. We recruit experienced entrepreneurs that never hesitate to confront their ideas to the outside world

Barefoot compte lancer 10 start-up en cinq ans


14 Octobre 2016

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03 May 2017

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20 February 2016

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La Libre

23 March 2016